In Memory

Almost 4 years. Hard to believe, really.

Seems like just yesterday we were stealing bikes, hanging out, and just doing the dumbest things imaginable. Almost 4 years since you’ve been gone. Crazy.

I have gone all over the country to share your story. There are countless people who have got to know you and appreciate who you are as a person.

One of my favorites stories to tell people is how you simply never forgot anyone. You had a gift for remembering people, birthday, and every little detail about a person to make them smile. You had a gift, my friend. A passion for life like no other. Shit, that was all you knew how to do because you sucked at sports, and school wasn’t your thing either.

You always tried to beat me in basketball, but never could do it. Every time you got close, I would work harder to make sure it would never happen. You inspired me to be a better person, a better student, and a better ball player. You just had this way to motivate me that I’ve never had in my life.

However, I have to admit the truth here. You did beat me in something, my friend. You beat me on our journey to heaven. I know you are up there smiling and cheesing away, rubbing it in everyones face that you beat me. I’m sure if they kick you out, they would.

We always joked about our future and what would become of us and what not. To be quite honest, it keeps me motivated every day, but knowing that I have a guardian angel like you watching over me brings me peace. They always told us we would amount to nothing. Seems like the very opposite happened.

While our time was cut short, you live on in my heart every day.  Everytime I share your story, I always end it the same way. Please let the people you live in your lives know that you love them, because tomorrow is certainly not promised. While one of my regrets is that I didn’t share that enough with you, one of my privileges is the ability to remind others to do so.

“Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you’re down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times an dthe confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.”

A best friend is a blessing, a gift from God himself. Appreciate every ounce of it. Support each other, but most importantly, remind each other that you love one another.

Thank you for being my best friend. Happy Birthday Filipe Chagas, may you rest in peace.



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