With Respect

Big thing in the news besides the killing of all the Christians in the Middle East was Mr. Robin Williams and his apparent suicide. Who saw that one coming?

His depression came to light, and his self medication using alcohol was another big topic. Following his death, there was a million different opinions on where he is going to end up, being heaven or hell. Here’s my reflection on his situation. 

Depression is a scary thing, especially when self medicating. The worst apart about it is the sense of being alone. Not in the sense where people aren’t around you, but more that no one can help you. An ultimate feeling of despair where not even God can bring you back from. No chance of hope, and a feeling to just numb it all out. 

The impression of his happiness was out there. He was this funny actor who did great movies, and just seemed so happy. You never know what a person is truly battling, what crosses they are bearing, based off the external. While it may have seemed that he was happy with money and fame, the result ended in ultimate despair. 

I met a freshmen a couple years back who honestly shared that he was getting ready to kill himself. He was ready to jump off a bridge. He told himself if one person did not smile at him, or ask him how his day was on his way, he would have done it. About two blocks before the bridge, he was greeted by an elderly lady, who said that she loved the color of his eyes. Nothing is by accident in my book. 

My thoughts are very simple. Everyone has a cross on their shoulders that sometimes becomes difficult to carry. Jesus fell three times and had help himself.  When you see someone who looks to be struggling, send a hello. When you are out on the streets, smile at everyone. One single smile can change a persons day. Pray. Pray for everyone who struggles with depression and anxiety. Chances are you know someone who is suffering and just cannot ask for help. 

Medicine and all of that can only go so far. You know what cures depression? Love. The ability to hug someone and be there to say it’s going to be okay. Just think, a smile can save a life. 

Be that change. 


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