A New Beginning

New semester. The joy. 

Part of my job allows me to help teach students about self acceptance, but also accepting others for whoever they are. People have their different baggage for whatever reason, and it’s no ones job to judge how they handle their load. I have a father figure personality, and it gets difficult to watch people who hide who they are or even try to change who they are just so they can fit into the social circle that seems cool enough to get them through the semester. 

One person I met this year is a big time athlete. Cool kid, smart, athletic, but also hiddenly compassionate. Part of the reason being that his teammates aren’t the most accepting bunch, and the very opposite, quite shallow. Because of the social group, he made some poor choices his first year to fit in, some of which he certainly is quite ashamed for. 

When he got involved with my program at work, he noticed that something was off. I was acting like an idiot but still having fun, regardless of who was looking or who was commenting. We started a conversation and he wanted to know how he could be “free,” how can he just live without caring about other people? 

Well, he asked the wrong person. I don’t have the slightest clue how to go on without not having to think what other people think, but I do know what it takes for you to be happy with yourself. Not everyone is going to agree with you, or like your views, or whatever the case. The trick is when all that shit hits you, you have the ability to look yourself in the mirror and just be okay with what’s staring back. 

It’s a new semester, and a brand new chance to be a “new” you. Not a different you, but a improved and happier you. 

God Bless. 


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