Catch Feelings

More inspiration.

Deal with it.

I had a couple of students in my office, and they were sharing about the drama that occurs in school. Lord knows that more stuff happens in the day with them than in my whole month. It does make for a good story time though.

In the conversation, the relationship topic came up. After they were done sharing who was hooking up with who, this weird terminology came up:

“He’s the type that doesn’t ‘catch feelings.’ “

Before I go into trying to explain how much garbage I think that is, can I just mention the headache it gives me trying to understand what the hell they students say? If I hear “YAAAASSS” one more time, I might just slam my head into the wall.

Regardless, going back to the whole, “catching feelings” thing. What? I must have forgotten the part where feelings were like the flu, and you just catch it and your out for a week.

This generation, including myself, is so afraid to feel anything remotely close to emotions because it will distort their perfect image of how life is supposed to be. You want to know why we have some many problems? Because we get caught up in that perfect image of how it’s supposed to be, rather than accepting what really is.

Feelings are a gift, a blessing and it shouldn’t be thrown away or even made this perverse thing were you try and convince yourself you can’t catch it.

There isn’t a shot to prevent feelings, this isn’t EBOLA. Let’s stop pretending that we are these emotionless beings running around just looking to hook up with one another. What ever happened to people actually caring about how each other are doing?

Emotions are indicators of what is in our hearts. Ignoring them is the same thing as ignoring your heart. I can only speak for myself, but my heart is my greatest asset, as I’m sure many who read this believe themselves to have. So, why deny your greatest gift? The worst thing about living in fear is living in regret, and regret only occurs when you ignore what your heart is telling you to do.

If you never want your heart broken, might as well just stay locked in your room forever.

C.S. Lewis was a smart man, let me tell you.

God Bless.