Minted in 1991.

Since everyone seemed to just skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, I’m going to skip the holiday cheers and reflect on the year that happened and some of the lessons I’ve learned. 

But before I do that, I must add something that will be too love-esk, or whatever my friends can find to poke fun of, since that seems to be the thing to do with my posts. 

I was watching a movie the other night, and a very interesting analogy was made throughout it out. It had to do with a coin. A coin is punched from sheet metal, smoothed out, edged are beveled, and inspected for imperfection. Those that are deemed with error are thrown out, or given as a novelty. The connection was made when it was being compared to the persons life, and how he was no longer in perfect condition, but deemed damaged. 

I think why it caught my attention was because of the circulation part. When a coin is distributed, it’s passed on from person to person, living its own tale or wherever life brings it, and it has no control of who is handling it, or where it may find itself. 

The beauty of the coin is that even if it is in perfect condition, sometimes it is still mishandled, and ends up on the floor, on the street, or collecting dust in some piggy bank. However, there does come the day where someone finds use for that coin, bringing in new purpose to its existence. 

2014 was a tough year. Probably the toughest in my book, but that seems to be the beauty of the journey. When someone doesn’t find the beauty in your worth, or does not treat you as you deserve, that’s okay. Because someone else can see a different purpose, a different way to love you, and bring you much joy that you have been missing. 

The coin analogy might be one of the dumbest things you’ve ever heard, and if it is, great. Allow yourself to understand that your imperfections might only be imperfect to that one person. However, just imagine, someone out there views your imperfections as perfect, and cannot wait to find you.