Time Heals

It seems that my late night inspiration continues. Or annoyance if you have to keep seeing me post this, but ether way, it continues.

For a decent portion of my life, whenever something happens or I’m struggling with something, it seems the common advice that people give is, “time heals all wounds.” Oh, does it now? I wasn’t aware that something that was man made heals, but I understand the purpose of the saying.

I don’t think time heals anything. I think what you do in-between that time is what does it. For all I know, I can be sitting on my coach like a lazy shit, but hey, time heals all wounds. I’m sure if I eat enough chips the pain will eventually go away. That or a heart attack, but you get my point.

Not everything will go your way. People will come and go out of your life, your heart will break and mend and break again. The point is to not only get up but continue to move forward. Staying in place is worse than just hoping time will fix your worries and anxiety. Seem that waiting around causes a lot more pain than just moving on.

Everyone has their own advice or tip on how to move forward from something, but all of it is bullshit unless you decide to actually do something. I don’t believe that God gives us tough situations to watch us rot, but I do believe he challenges us in the need that he believes is valuable to us. The best part about that is that if we don’t learn the first time, it’s going to happen again.

Get up, dust yourself off, and do something. Watching the world pass you by is doing so much harm to yourself if you’re not joining in. Time only heals if you allow yourself to be healed. Just remember, someone somewhere is suffering so much worse than you are. I hope they pray as much for me, as I do for them.



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