Love heals.

Couple of things before I get into all of my feelings for the day.

One. Happy new years!  May God bless and always protect you in everything you do.

Two. Nicaragua is hot. Not like a hawt slang kinda term but a it’s really hot weather wise. Very unforgiving and the sun burns without mercy.

Whenever I see those commercials about donating to a third world country I really do believe it’s just made worse than it really seems. What a smack to the face that was. The poverty here is unreal. The basics of good and water are a struggle but even the quality of air is a privilege that only the rich seem to get.

So off to our mission work I go. I came down with the salesians and while are my second family, I was still a little concerned about the week. My heart wasn’t into it as much as I thought because of problems back in my own life. Soon enough those problems became minor inconveniences compared to what these people go through.

We spent a lot of time working with children and of course, there was this little girl who would not stop following me. All my friends back at home joke with me about my future children and how I will have a daughter. Of course, the macho comes out and I disregard, but here’s a insider into my life, I can’t wait to have a daughter.

We were walking up the streets of masiah, and she would not leave me alone. So she screams hold my hand. I obviously gave in. She dragged me left and right to show me everything and at one point I was getting ready to just let go because I needed a moment. She refused.

When we came back to where we were staying,  she came up to me and took this long stare. I was thinking she was gonna ask me about playing this hand game and I was ready ready to run inside. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the check and said, in Spanish, thank you for holding my hand. Heart = mush.

I went back into my room and just needed a break. I didn’t understand how someone so little could love so much. And on cue, ed sheeran comes on and it’s the song, photograph.

Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul.

How beautiful and appropriate. However much I try to run from love or to be loved it doesn’t work. A 3 year old girl took down all my defenses and helped mend my soul for all the hurt. With all the poverty around her, she has the most riches of them all. Love, and in its purest form too.

Let’s remember that love can really heal and even some of the deepest wounds ever. I plan to love more in 2015, and I can say this little girl is a big reason why.

God bless.


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