Puzzle piece


I hope 2015 has started off well for you all. I challenge you all to do the 365 day happiness challenge. All you need is to find a bit of happiness in your everyday life and treasure it. Don’t forget to smile!

So, the airport is an interesting place. People watching at its absolute finest. Waiting forever to get to my flight, a young lady at behind me and I overheard some of her conversation and it sparked me to write.

She was talking about how she’s been broken for so long. She’s been trying to find the missing puzzle piece in her heart and she can’t seem to find it or what even fits there. She was sharing with what seemed to be a close friend and they got a bit emotional.

Every relationship has lead me to question if I’m even good enough to be loved.

Those words really stuck with me because I’ve been where this girl is now. The lost and confusion of if there is someone out there for you,  the search for love, if you will.  But haven’t you noticed that when you least expect it, you find that puzzle piece that bridges you to the next portion of the puzzle?  It’s not like you were searching forever for it anyways… It may have just been on the floor waiting it’s turn.

I wanted to reach over and share with her my thoughts, but coming off as a creep already burdened me. I think she has a beautiful point though. How many of us try and find love or even try to force love in the relationship we are currently in?  You can’t jam a piece of the puzzle into a place where it doesn’t belong without damaging the pieces around it, so why do the same with our hearts?

Here’s an insider tip, someone should be doing the puzzle with you, instead of you doing it alone, or racing to finish it. The whole analogy is just a concept of being patient and working together when the time is right. The danger of not waiting is damaging the pieces around you, or in this analogy, the people around you watching you hurt yourself.

This is what I get for listening to other people’s conversation.. My headphones just magically died even though I charged it the night before. Cool.


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