I’m Sorry.

A situation occurs, words are exchanged, and emotions are all over. Pride prevents you from saying it, because admitting it means your wrong, but you’re never wrong, right? Emotions continue to build, hateful things are gossiped, and what could have been solved, turned into a monster.

I’m Sorry.

In my experience in life, admitting fault and apologizing is not one of the best pleasures in life. Seeing your faults come through in your actions is difficult! No one likes to admit that they messed up, or worse, being called out for doing something that offended.

The power of the word, “Sorry” is so strong that I think it’s underestimated. Granted, everyone says it every three-seconds like they say “love”, which is also why that word has lost some of its pure meaning, but anyways.


I am no stranger to admitting that I hate saying I’m sorry. I’m a prideful son-of-a-bitch, who is never wrong, and will save my ass before admitting it. However, I have learned these last couple years that your pride seems to hurt a lot more than it does any good. It’s one thing to be prideful in what do you and who you are. It’s another to allow it to continue to hurt and be proud of that.

For anyone reading this, if there is someone out there which a strain in relationship occurred, take the first step. Sorry doesn’t make you less of a person, or a weak individual. An apology signifies strength that the relationship you want to save is worth fighting for, even if you’re cleaning up your own mess.