You Just Never Know. 

I want you to take a moment to slow down for a bit. Imagine walking down the halls of your university, high school, office, whatever the case may be, and think for a moment about all the people you see on a given day. 

How many people do you take a moment to smile at? Look in the face and smile? Maybe even ask how their days are going? 

One of the biggest credits I’ll ever give to my best friend was his ability to step outside of his world and make sure everyone around him was okay. To have he ability to just notice people, wherever they were at in that given movement, was a gift of his and one I loved. 

I struggle with this myself.  Most days I just don’t care about other people and I’m just focused on my own grind and me being me. Talk about selfish, huh? 

So do me a favor.  Smile at someone. Ask someone how their day is going. Engage and treat people like people. I’ll tell you why. 

I recently engaged with a young girl who was ready to end her life because she felt ignored. She felt she didn’t matter and had nothing to look forward. Someone randomly say with her during lunch and it began a friendship which saved life. All because she smiled. 

You really just never know. 


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