Priority v. Option

Hope everyone is having a blessed week. School is back in session and the underclassmen are all out and about. I am praying for a successful semester for all starting their new journey, where ever that might be.

One challenge I have noticed lately is with people confusing the difference between what is a priority and what is an option. This has nothing to do to be related with school work or anything, but more with people. It’s tough to watch people treat others as an option, rather than a priority.

When you treat someone as an option, it’s almost like you’re seeing them as a toy. Something that will give you pleasure and convenience for a while, and then when you are all bored with it, you shove it deep in the toy box or even a tall shelf, leaving it to collect dust. Again, when it becomes convenient for them, they can pick off right where they left it and continue their misuse. It almost seems as if there needs to be something they benefit from in order for them to interact with you again.

Here’s what I mean when I say priority. If people are treating you as their last option, or whenever it meets THEIR convenience… kind of makes it hard to feel worthwhile when they are constantly treated as the bottom of the barrow of friends. Any relationships requires a level of give and take, but when it’s all take, take, take, then I really don’t think that relationship is a priority.

There’s nothing wrong with walking away from a relationship that is treated as an option. You have to think about you to some degree. If you are hurting over trying to salvage something that doesn’t want you back, well, that get’s kinda difficult. Don’t worry though, they don’t miss it until they need you back, and granted when that happens, it’s already too late.

Remember your worth. You are not worth an option in someones life, you deserve to be a priority. If someone feels otherwise, seems like they just became your option to say goodbye.